Gary Moore

"Life is a journey - some start early, some start later, but we are all on a journey!"

I always loved sports photography, I was mesmerised by the moments captured, the emotion of the event, the technical brilliance of the photographer and the opportunity that good photography gave the viewer to glimpse into the world of sports that most will never participate in at the top level!  I ride motorbikes and it was logical that I shoot motorbikes when the opportunity presents!  For me it is the same rush you get from riding, capturing that edge of the seat moment when the rider defies the laws of physics, when he transcends the limits and you are there close by to capture that moment!

Yet you are here immersed in my edgy fashion photography!  The journey has taken a new direction.  I have always loved working with people and I have spent the better part of my life helping young adults in an education environment, so the transition to fashion / glamour photography makes sense.  I love to draw out the emotion through my edgy fashion / glam style, to take the model to a place she may not have been and to a level she may not have dreamed of!  I am mesmerised by the detail in fashion / glamour BandW photography.  It drives me now, it is what I strive to shoot and with each new shoot to improve.  There is always something to learn and there is so much amazing imagery around that I never struggle for inspiration!  

I have only just begun my personal journey in edgy fashion / glamour photography, perhaps some of you will join me! 

Gary m

Image Credits: Model - Dannielle, MUA - Tess, Hair - Holly.